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Forming faith in children of God of all ages is what we do!  Whether you have studied scripture for years, or are learning about Jesus for the first time, forming faith is an ongoing cycle throughout our lives.  At First Lutheran we offer a variety of ways for children, youth and adults to continue to form their faith by learning about the God who loves them. 

As children are baptized into a community of faith like First Lutheran, we offer parents and godparents a baptism conversation to help them understand their role as parents of the newly baptized.  For the first three years of a child’s life we offer Splash, a guide for parents to teach their children about God’s love by modeling it themselves.

At three years of age, children are invited to begin to attend Sunday School, a time when parents bring their children and together learn about Jesus with other children.  During this time children and their parents learn songs and stories about Jesus.

Grade school children love to gather and learn together about interesting characters in the Bible.  Some of these Bible characters are children themselves.  David who was a shepherd, saved his people from Goliath and became the King of Israel, or Samuel, who was raised to be a prophet and heard God speak directly to him.  Or stories about Noah and the flood or Daniel in the Lion’s Den help children learn about ordinary kids just like them who love and believe in the God who created them too.

As children enter sixth grade, they begin a three year educational series we call Confirmation.  Students spend additional time during these three years forming their faith in three areas.  We begin with the Old Testament stories about God’s love for God’s people. Each year we explore New Testament stories about Jesus, and follow his life from baby born in a manger to preacher and a prophet, and Savior, the one who died to save us.  We also form our faith by learning what it means to be a Lutheran.  Martin Luther reformed the church of his day in 1517.  We now form our faith as Lutherans by studying the catechism he wrote, understanding the sacraments, studying scripture and finding ways to serve God by using our gifts.

Youth in high school gather to discuss current day topics and their importance to forming faith each and everyday.  Serving is an important aspect to forming our faith and youth have opportunities inside (ushering, singing choir, helping with the food pantry, bagging pop cans) and outside the church to help others.  They attend youth gatherings to be inspired, gather for fun and grow their relationship with Jesus.

Adults gather weekly to study scripture throughout the calendar year.  Topics vary but may include a study of the Acts of the Apostles, the Psalms, or current topics of interest.


Whether you are young or not so young, we are continually in the process of forming our faith as we gather to worship, gather to learn about God, or find time within our day to pray for our needs and the needs of others.  God is present to us at every age, encouraging, inspiring and nurturing our faith!


If you would like to join the Adult Bible Study Zoom Call held each Thursday morning at 11 am, please contact Pastor Kristine for more information and the zoom link.


On Sunday, April 11, children, confirmands and youth are invited to gather on Sunday mornings at 9 am.  We will wear our masks and safely distance from one another.  Pre-school and grade school children will gather in Fellowship Hall for a time of singing and praying, before class time with Janet and Cathy.  Confirmation and high school youth will gather in the youth room for conversation about God and current themes with Jenny.  We will all gather for worship at 10 am each Sunday morning.  Seating is limited for physical distancing purposes, masks are worn.  Communion will be served and a time with children will be held each week.


On Sunday, May 2nd, we will conclude our Sunday School time with Sundaes on Sunday.  You guessed it….we are going to have ice cream sundaes for breakfast!  Hope you will join with the whole family for this fun conclusion to our spring programing.  Pre-school and grade school children will sing in worship on this Sunday!


Mark your calendars for VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL.  Lakeside Lutheran Day Camp Counselors will lead children from 1 – 5th grade in a week long camp, Sunday, July 11 – Thursday, July 15.  We will gather with other Siouxland Working Together ELCA Congregations for this program event.  More details to come on where we will be located, the timing and specifics in the coming weeks.



On Wednesday, April 7, Life Long Confirmation (LLC) will resume in-person for four Wednesday evenings, April 7 – 28, from 6:00 – 7:00 pm.  Families of confirmands, youth, grade and pre-school children are invited to attend.  We will gather in Fellowship Hall for a story time to learn about how God wants us to be people of God.  Then break into age groups for “hands on” learning.  This is a family focused event, all ages are welcome (including grandparents!) A healthy snack will be served at the close of the evening.

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